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Man Creates The First Ever Leaf That Turns Light and Water Into Oxygen

"If humanity hopes to realize its dreams of exploring the stars, we’re going to need to find ways to recreate life on Earth aboard a spaceship. Simply stockpiling enough vital supplies isn’t going to cut it, which is what led Julian Melchiorri, a student at the Royal College of Art, to create an artificial biological leaf that produces oxygen just like the ones on our home planet do."

YES. Let’s get off this planet, shall we? 

(via we-are-star-stuff)

This band, specifically this lineup with Jon Theodore slaying the drums changed the way I think about music in a massive way. Ikey Owens redefined what keys can do in a rock band; he was beyond supporting the chords or filling out the sound, he was a force. My respect for Jack White went up tenfold when he drafted Ikey into his band in 2012, it was like he was in on the secret of Ikey’s genius.  He was a prolific musician and will be sorely missed by the world. Rest wherever you are Ikey and thank you for the music.

Making a film with these.

Vertical Density, Houston. I made these in June after seeing Failure and before having lunch with Heath West.


Friday find: check out the awesome videos of chemical reactions at BeautifulChemistry.net! Here’s a snapshot of some of the reactions they’ve filmed close up in HD resolution.


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