Collaborations with Nature.

I’m really looking forward to making some new images in the darkroom next week.


While at first glance they appear to be abstract paintings, Ajay Malghan’s photos are actually the result of 35mm negatives exposed to items you most likely have in your own home!

In his series, “Bleached,” Malghan soaks 35mm negatives in ordinary items like soap, coffee, and vinegar.

35mm Film Exposed to Ordinary Kitchen Goods

via Raw File

What Happens When You Bathe Film in Bleach and Lemon Juice | Raw File | WIRED

Bleached on Wired.

Ovo nije supernova - ovo je hrana (VIDEO) - National Geographic Srbija

The Serbian National Geographic featured me and also please refer to me as Adžaj Malgan from now on.

Ryan Adams: Live In Concert


Trailer for the new Mad Max. Thomas Hardy looks like Gerard Butler with that mask on.

A supernova? No, a POTATO: Artists takes unrecognisable photos of food

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